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At first it was oils on canvas for a while, and then I got into sculpting and painting toys & figures. I quickly realised that I was actually quite good at it, and was told this repeatedly... although it took me a few years to believe just HOW good my work could be!

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I was born here in Liverpool in the UK, where I've lived all my life. You know The Beatles? Same place. In fact their houses/Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields are all just down the road from me!


I always enjoyed drawing and making things as a child... and this passion and love for being creative really never left me.


When I 'grew up' (I use that term loosely) I was a trained financial advisor for a while, but unfortunately my childhood epilepsy came back when I was about 24 and I had to stop working. This lasted for ten long, frustrating years... and it was during this time that I started painting again. I needed something to do!

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From this initial hobby a few people here and there started to get in touch asking me to upgrade their figures the same way I'd done my own... and so it began. Slowly at first, but very quickly it built up until I had a waiting list 24 pages long! Now it's what I do for a living full time with customers all around the world! I've spent years customising and upgrading people's collectibles for them and couldn't be happier!


It just goes to show that things can work out for the best if you work hard, and if you're a little bit lucky. I'd have never thought of leaving my finance job to paint toys for a living... the epilepsy forced me to do something as a hobby, and luckily there's enough of you out there who want my work in your collections!!


I'm one of the lucky few who gets to work from home, doing what he loves.


I hope you can enjoy my work with me!